With the strong wish and intention to manage the survival of the potterladies projekt in Kpando during my journey this year, I first of all contacted my representative Seth Klutse and the Queen Mother / patroness of the potter guild.

All the previous reproaches and mutual charges have already been discussed during several meetings, initiated by Edem Adjordor, director of HARDTHAVEN CHILDRENSHOME. Many of the outstanding points based on misunderstandings and mutual ignorance.

As it turned out, some of the potterladies unfortunately haven’t been actively working in this craftwork. They used their membership especially for personal benefits as the free purchase of the health insurance card for themselves and their children. This led my contact man make the payment irregular and only to certain persons.

As a necessary consequence, these women left the group immediately and an extended new establishment  with about twenty potterladies from Kpando Aloyi, Kpando Konda and Kpando Gabie followed. By the transfer of the solely authority for the bank account to the Queen Mother in her function as the head of the potters, I wish to empower the self-administration of the women. Seth Klutse will still be on their side in advisory function.

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The plan for future is to build a foundation on the bought land of about 350 square meters to install the shed they already own. There the women can potter  together in the shadow of the mango trees and fire their pottery at the same place.

In addition, the participation on an exhibition in the ART CENTER outside the city is planned to expand the sale to the locals and tourists. The women also think about establishing a stall on the weekly market and to manage it alternately!

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With exemplary pleasure and never ending commitment the work around Hardthavens Childrenshome is done by Edem Adjordor and his wife Jessy. They continually take care of the welfare of the 22 in the home living children. Some of these kids are infected with HIV/AIDS and need to be supplied with expensive drugs and necessary check-ups in hospital. Edem and Jessy are supported by two cooking-women, one nurse and some young volunteers from Europe and the US. All the children, apart from the little ones, attend  Kindergarten or school in the morning. Hardthaven places a lot of importance on the community so that everyone takes care of the others, like in a real family!

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The work of Edem Adjordor is widely spread over the borders of Kpando. He supports more than 30 persons in the surrounding area with food and drugs. In addition to that he is committed to give information about AIDS and helps to provide school- and vocational education. People love him; you notice that with every encounter.

I am dearly grateful to him and his wife for their splendid support and for hosting me in their guesthouse during my stay.

Hardthaven needs urgently financial support to extend and to maintain the children’s home and to provide the life-supporting drugs as well as the food like protein powder and vitamins. Additionally they need money for buying clothes, shoes, school materials and books!

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With the commited help and support from Edem Adjordor and Mr. Emmanuel Bensah from “Care and Concern Action Group” in Sokode/Ghana it was possible to provide a humane future for the handicapped young man KOFI!

During a regional HIV/AIDS supervision, Edem noticed him and asked me for financial support to get him out of his village.

After several discussions and negotiations it became finally possible to get a place for KOFI at the “E.P. Technical Vocational Institute Alavanyo” in the Volta Region. Since March he is the first handicapped pupil within a project of inclusion.

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For the next three years KOFI will live there together with other pupils in a community, receive school education and in addition to that he will learn to become a shoemaker.

Before we arrived and during our stay at the Vocational Institute, a ramp for his wheelchair became installed by his classmates who are trained in bricklaying.

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On our second stay with KOFI one week later we met him as a matured and happy young man who showed us proudly his classrooms and made jokes with his classmates.

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KOFI will spend his holidays with another handicapped shoemaker and his family in the region so that  the vacation does not force him to go back to his former life!