Manipulation, intrigues and disagreement within the guild of potters and contradictions in the statements of my contact man Seth Klutse and the women made me stop the payment for this project for the moment.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to mediate during my stay in Ghana because it was impossible to arrange a meeting of the two arguing parties. Edem Adjordor, head of HardtHaven Children’s Home and meanwhile a good friend of mine, will take over this job. During the next weeks he will help as a mediator.                                 

Regardless of all these quarrels, I had the possibility to purchase land in a central region of Kpando Aloyi. Now we have the opportunity to move the shed to this place after the contract for the land at the Bishop Herman Road ends in 2014.

In case that the potter ladies are not willing to solve their arguments on their own, I consider the possibility of forming a new guilt with different members. What I wish to do is to protect the traditional pottery of this region.

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Contrary to this, there are only good news of Edem Adjordor, founder and head of the orphanage HARDTHAVEN! Committed and hard-working he takes care of the HIV/AIDS infected children in the local orphanage as well as in outreach-work in the Kpando area.

I convinced myself of the successful extension of the whole building. Meanwhile, both structures for the girls and boys are finished and arranged with love! New toilets, a separated shower and roof above the seats for the collective meals offer a comfortable home. A fence has been built around the whole plot and the soccer pitch to protect the children. The additional metallic elements on top of the fence are almost completed.

Twenty children live here at the moment. Their age varies between one and sixteen years. The youngest one is six month old and stays at HARDTHAVENS since only a few weeks. They are all orphans to AIDS which means that they lost one or both parents to AIDS. Six of the children are HIV-positive!

This organization does not only offer food, clothing and a place to stay, but also the necessary medical treatment and education and especially a loving home and measures to improve their lives constantly.

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During his outreach work in the Kpando region, Edem Adjordor (head of HARDTHAVEN CHILDREN’S HOME) noticed a young, physically disabled man. In Vakpo/Konda, a small village in the bush without running water and electricity, his fellow citizens tried to exclude him from a test-program!

On demand, Edem Adojordor got to know that this 22 year old man was born with spastic legs and feet, unable to learn to walk properly. He never went to school and spends his days in a stall for animals. His parents live far away and don’t take care of him and his aunt, staying in the same village, is afraid of a contagion through his epileptic fits!

Together we met Kofi and that broke my heart! He offered us an insight in his life, his bed consisting of an old door inside his stall and we promised to help. Without hesitation he agreed to leave his village and to move to a home for disabled people.

Through Edem’s help and contact men in Ghana, we found the rehabilitation centre in Ho, run by the government. Together with Kofi we went there to get a first impression of that place and to introduce his new home to him. On location, we learned that only five of the fifteen handicapped adults live there right now, because the government had not enough money to pay for the accommodation and the food for the occupants.

After consulting the head of the organization we found out that it is possible for Kofi to live in this home by the end of August 2013. In return the management expects financial support for the whole organization! The destiny of this young man became a matter close to my heart so that I want to take over the responsibility and financial support for him. I really hope that through learning how to cobble in this home, he might be able to support himself one day.

Joice, a paraplegic housemate, lives in the home since four years. She owns a good wheelchair and earns her keep by sewing bags and pillows. Above a bumpy path we reach the shed in which she sells her items that she proudly presents.

Knowing that Edem acts according to my interest, I will provide all the support that is needed!

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