By abstract painting I found an exciting way to express the personal impressions of my journeys during the last years.

On an art and education trip to Ghana (Westafrica) in the year 2005 the honorific title "Mama Tsunyo" (Mama Good Soil) had been given to me by the potter ladies of Kpando. Since then a friendly affection connects me to the women and their families. For me, it is a great request, to support them in the expansion of the sale of their artistic potter ware, as well as in adult education and health matters.

In addition to that, a cordial relation to the local orphanage "HardtHaven" has developed during my last journeys. This home takes care of HIV-infected children and teenagers. Financial help is the first priority here.

Because of these reasons I became a member of africa action / Germany e.V. in 2007. There I run an own ginger group called "Mama Tsunyo- Help to help themselves in the Kpando Region" as a corporate member. Earnings of the sale of my pictures and sculptures, as well as money from donations are received on the project account, kept by the organization.

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