Projekt 2007 - 2018

The project "Mama Tsunyo” in the region of Kpando / Ghana, founded in 2007, has been well and promisingly implemented over many years thanks to the active and lively cooperation of the potter women.

Unfortunately, these conditions are no longer met. Due to internal disputes, lack of interest and competence as well as a lack of correspondence by mail or phone, a further use of the purchased property with the sales container placed on it could no longer contribute to the joint potter production.

Moreover the communication with the regional orphanage and the delivery of documents for the project continuation could not be realized, so that I am forced with a heavy heart to stop the project "Mama Tsunyo" this year due to lack of cooperation and participation of both institutions!

The available donation funds both on the project account in Ghana, and on the africa action/Germany e.V. account "Mama Tsunyo" GH 78 in Bergheim/Cologne are fed in full to the "Wulugu Project/Ghana" GH 92 of Janina Bröder. This project supports the education of children from the poorest families in the northernmost part of Ghana and supplies their parents with seeds and fertilizers in order to cultivate the leased land profitably.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks for the extensive and long-standing support of all donors in word and deed!

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